Monday, 14 January 2013

Kundasang - A Place You Must Go !

As you can see and feel through this above photo :
It is cold and FREEZING >.<
This photo is Mount of Kota Kinabalu
is taken when we on our way to KUNDASANG =]

Bye Bye Mr Mount K.K, we going to Kundasang !

Place we stayed for the night !

Our chalet =)

3 single bed

+ this up and down bed

+ large living room

+ kitchen with full equipment
and two toilet
is only about RM 300 ++ per night =]
you can have own BBQ Party
in front of ur chalet
by bring ur own stuff
the weather there is cold !
i can feel myself like being abroad =]

We went to "Desa Lembu"
which look like a little Newzealand

the wind is too strong until our hair so messy
and our eyes cant open as well

they feed cows systematically

they have a Milk Processing Plant Factory there

this is one of their product - Fresh Milk
yummy =)
I took that opportunity to take photo with cows =)

I like the weather and the environment there very much <3

By the way...
girls like roses very much ❤
here are some photos of the chalet we stay
they have a rose garden for their residents to visit

Roses are beautiful =)
and me too... haha =D

As you can see through this photo...
we went somewhere natural !

we have our FISH SPA here =目
is F.O.C
( Free Of Charge )

there is a waterfall...
we have a nice day before we went back home =)
i had a nice trip
you should have too =]

LAI JIA YI ( Charyn Yi )
BA 1111 0158

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