Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kudat - Tip of Borneo

Kudat, The Tip of Borneo is the place I first visit in Sabah.
The journey took around 3 and a half hours from Kota Kinabalu.
This place is situated in the nothern-most tip of BORNEO, which is the third largest island in the world.
It is located at the Peninsula of Kudat. 

The view from the top.

The crystal clear water.

The view is just so _________. Fill in the blank yourself :)

The wind is so strong. haha ! Can you feel it??

The rock !!

You can go by taxi, self-drive or with a tour agent. Four-wheel drives and saloon cars with permits are stationed near the Indian Restaurant opposite the Health Clinic in Kampung Air. Four-wheel drives can take between 7-8 passengers at RM20.00 - RM25.00 per pax return, while saloon cars take up to 4 passengers and charge RM240.00 for a return trip Simpang Mengayau. Check with the Car Rental services for their changes.

Source from : http://www.sabahtourism.com/sabah-malaysian-borneo/en/destination/76-the-tip-of-borneo-tanjung-simpang-mengayau/

By: Chi San Vivica

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