Sunday, 14 October 2012

What is technology?

Definition :

Oxford Dictionaries Online :

(i) machinery and equipment developed from scientific knowledge.
(ii) the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.

Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat :
(i) aktiviti atau kajian yang menggunakan pengetahuan sains untuk tuuan praktis dalam industri, pertanian, perubatan, perniagaan, dll
(ii) kaedah atau proses menangani sesuatu masalah teknikal

Opinion : 

          Science has introduced newer equipments and gadgets over the years that make our lives easier. Till now, technology has play the important roles in our daily lives. Everyone is using the technology 24/7, such as mobile phones, cars, computers and others. Without it, the world is different because it has improved a lot of aspects in our daily lives.

Advantages :
With the modern technologies, we can now extend our lifespan into longer years. There are many modern technologies that helps in curing the patients and also preventing of illnesses. Besides that, we get to know how to stay in a better lifestyle and improve our health by using technologies.  There are a lot of products that we can use to maintain our health and also release our stress, such as jacuzzi, massage chair, vitamin pills and others. 
The technologies now have improved a lot of communication between human. No matter where are you staying, you can connect to others who are not in the same area or same country. Now, we are connected to each other through mobile phones and internet. Besides that, gadgets such as radios, televisions, newspapers, internet and so on have helped us communicate with people from all around the world. Communication is very important in our lives to be able to keep in touch with people and also gain better relation between each other. Modern technology has provided us a better communicating.
The modern technology has also improved the way to gain knowledge. With the new equipment that lecturers and teachers that can be used for teaching lesson is more effective and convenient way. This can help to catch the students attention especially for the youngsters. Power Point which can add effects on to attract the students and also to get more attention from the students in order for them to have more initiative to learn. For university student, they can get information for their work by just easy access to internet. They can get any information and it is easy and convenient. 

Technology has helped a lot in our daily lives. The above only a part of the advantages, there are still more to go. But, technology will not work and also improve without us. We are the ones who give life to technology and we are the ones who control and enhance it. There are still a lot of improvements that we can enhance, but there are still people who are selfish to use the modern technology to do crimes and use it unethically. This is hard to be controlled since the human who creates it and to misused it. The advantages and disadvantages of technology is depends on we, people, to investigate and to control. In short, technology has helped us a lot in our daily lives. 

By: Khoo Chi San (Chi San Vivica)

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