Sunday, 14 October 2012

What is ICT?

What is ICT and Function of ICT?

Definition of ICT:

Oxford Advanced Learner’s English – Chinese Dictionary (7th edition)
              I.   Abbreviation of Information and Communications Technology
              II. The study of the use of computers, the Internet, video, and other technology as a subject at school

Kamus Dewan Edisi Empat:
             I.  Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi
             II. Teknologi maklumat melalui penggunaan komputer dan dalam bidang telekomunikasi
        III. Teknologi yang berkaitan dengan pemerolehan, penyimpanan, pem-prosesan dan penyebarab maklumat melalui penggunaan teknologi komputer dan tele-komunikasi.


          ICT is a form of New Technologies that can help in improvement of several aspects such as communications, education, banking and etc. ICT also can contribute in the development of a knowledge society. Such as nowadays, we can transfer money or pay bill by using online banking which we can save a lot of time which used to going bank and queue in the bank.

            Nowadays with the help of ICT, information gather and communication process was far easier compare to old days. ICT also help on creating an information era beyond boundaries. Example, we can easy to get information by using search engine to find the information we want.
          However, the ICT usage in Malaysia is still low and not fully usage by Malaysian when we compare to modern country like american. So, a lot of improvements have to be done in order to achieve nations goal as a modern country.

By: Leong Sook Yee (Miyu Nancy)

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