Friday, 19 October 2012

oh nooo..i lose my data..T__T

There have some ways that we can avoid the lose of data..
if we learn that "sediakan payung sebelum hujan"

In nowadays..There have many modern ways to store our data easily without paying any single sen..
For example we can use online storage such as dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and so on.

Other than that, we can send the important file or document into our own email..
so when we need it, we can downloads it through online..

Not only that bah..
If u have an email, u may create a blog that can store in all your picture or video..
Just in case that our own laptop lose the picture that have memory to us..

For myself, i am using SkyDrive..i uploads the picture that means a lot to me..
further more..after heard abah lecture..
i using it more wisely..recently have uploads some assignment to avoid the case that lose the document..

As i mention above..Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive..
This three are free to use..but got limit, if wanna add on we gonna pay for it..
But as a student, i think is enough for us to use..

SkyDrive gives users a generous 7GB for users that can store online with free.
Google drive gives 5GB of free storage for new users..
Then Dropbox give the users smallest amount of free storage compare with other, that is 3GB only.

3 of it have total 14GB..i think is enough for us to use it wisely..
And if we really need extra, we can add on the storage by paying..
At some of the time, they will have discount for it..
There are sometime special promotions where we can get additional storage for free on some limited time only. It's hard to predict when the promotion will happen, so for those who wish to buy extra storage, you may doing a web search before pay to add on storage.

As my own opinion..
With the advance of the technology in nowadays..
and we have such a advance handphone that can be help and save a lot of time..
then we should use it wisely..
We should not just using the technology for fun or entertainment only..

official website of DropBox, microsoft SkyDrive, and GoogleDrive.

By: Eric Low Lik Yuen

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